“Toro Nagashi” in Mikasa Park is scheduled to be held on Thursday July 16, 2015.

Toro Nagashi in Mikasa Park

Toro Nagashi is a Japan’s traditional event for ending Obon. People release candle-lit lanterns into river to guide spirits of ancestors that revisited their family in Obon back to the other world. Mikasa Park’s Toro Nagashi started its history in 1946, and this is its 70th event. Approximately 1,300 lanterns will be released from 10 fishing boats on the coast by the park. In addition, sutra chanting Buddhist memorial service will be offered by collaboration of 18 temples from Yokosuka Chuo Bukkyo-kai.

Date: Thursday July 16, 2015
Time: 18:45-19:15 (It may be cancelled in case of stormy weather.)
Venue: Mikasa Park

Yokosuka Toro-kai in Yokosuka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Phone: 046-823-0400