Yokosuka YY Norimono Festa 2015 is scheduled to be held on June 13 & 14!


Many different types of vehicles that include railway vehicles, special purpose vehicles, and even ship of Japan Maritime Self-Defense force gather in Yokosuka on June 13 & 14! The venues are JR Yokosuka station, Verny Park, Mikasa Park, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Yokosuka District and some others. Please see below for details!

【Time and Date】
Saturday, June 14 & Sunday, June 15, 2015
Note: It may be cancelled due to bad weather.

JR Yokosuka station/Verny Park/Mikasa Park/
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Yokosuka District
and some others.

Railway Vehicle Trial Run between JR Ofuna sta. and JR Yokosuka sta.
Saturday: JR East 115 series (Yokosuka color)
Sunday: Izu-kyuko 2100 series “Alpha Resort 21!
Prior application is required. Deadline is 11am May 18, 2015.
Please visit: https://qooker.jp/Q/auto/ja/yyyokosuka2015/entry/

Special Purpose Vehicles Exhibition & Demonstration
@ JR Yokosuka Hoshu-kichi (2-min walk from JR Yokosuka sta.)
Saturday 10:00-16:00
Sunday 10:00-15:00

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Ship Open to Public
@ Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Yokosuka District
10:00-15:00 (Last Entry 14:30)

Events in Verny Park
– PR by railway companies
– Mini-railway vehicle trial run
– Shops of railway goods and bento
– Food vendors of local specialty foods
and many others.

Events in Mikasa Park
– Exhibition of bus, fire engine, ambulance, power shovel, garbage truck, etc.
Some vehicles offer Kids’ outfit for taking photo
– Demonstration by Saigai-nirin-chosatai
(Motorcycle team of surveyor from Yokosuka City Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau)
– Concerts
Saturday: Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Band, Tokyo / National Defence Academy Winds
Sunday: Kanagawa Prefectural Police Band / Yokosuka Shobodan Ongakutai / and others.

[Inquiry about the events]
SUKANAVI (Yokosuka Tourist Information)
Phone: 046-822-8301 (9:00-17:00)

[Confirmation on June 14 & 15, in case of bad weather]
Yokosuka City Call Center
Phone: 046-822-2500 (after 7AM)